Exclusively Massages

Venus signature massage

Our unique signature massage is about an experience of a relaxing full body massage that starts from the head and ends circularly back to the head using fusion of techniques from around the world, immersing the whole body in deep relaxation, physical and mental well-being. Warm organic almond oil with rose essential oil is used.

90’- 150€ / Supreme: 120’- 200€

Balsam massage

A real strong deep tissue deep tissue full body massage combined with the beneficial properties of balsam oil. Balsam oil has been known in Greece since ancient times as a powerful herb for treating skin problems, strengthening the immune system, achieving spectacularly fast healing of wounds, abrasions, burns and sunburn, bumps-bruises, relieving severe pain, as well as arthritic and rheumatic pain.

60’- 120€ / Supreme: 90’- 180€

Olympus massage

For this moderately intense but deep full body massage we use the same as in ancient Greece pure virgin olive oil, bay leaves, and rosemary, which deeply moisturizes the skin, has anti-aging properties, and helps a lot with muscle contractions and injuries.

60’- 100€ / Supreme: 90’- 160€

Escalating massage

A unique massage created by our 25 years experienced massage therapist partner that you could only try at Venus Spa & Massage. Specific massage techniques of 5 levels of intensity are applied throughout the body. This gradual build-up of intensity results in the gradual intensity relief from your body, leaving you with a strong feeling of well-being and lightness.

60’- 90€ / Supreme: 90’- 140€

Regular Massages

Deep Tissue

A full-body therapeutic massage, which focuses on restoring the muscles to their original position as well as the deeper layers of muscles and peritoneal tissues.

60’- 90€ / Supreme: 90’-140€

Sport massage

A full-body massage accompanied by passive stretching exercises on the treatment bed that helps relieve stress and tension caused by tensed physical exercise. Sports massage technique is fast, strong and aims to eliminate lactic acid that has accumulated in the muscles.

70’- 100€ / Supreme: 100’- 150€

Aromatherapy- Antistress massage

Enjoy a full body relaxing massage using light and soft techniques with the added benefit of a blend of essential oils tailored to your specific needs. Aiming the detox and body-soul relaxation we are mostly focus on the nervous system and not on the deeper muscle layers. Ideal for people who suffer from stress related issues.

60’- 80€ / Supreme: 90’- 130€

Basic Swedish massage

Introducing the basic techniques of the regular Swedish massage. It is ideal for those who massage for the first time.

60’- 70€ / Supreme: 90’- 120€

Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage involves gently manipulating specific areas of your body to help lymph move to an area with working lymph vessels. This technique is completely painless, as constant soft pressure is applied and increased slowly.

90’- 130€ / Half body: 70’-100€